J. M.

Commercial Photographer

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Experience: 25 Years
Location: Seattle, WA


I have 25 years of experience shooting commercial product, people, sports and location photography for advertising, editorial publications and corporations. I am equally comfortable shooting in my Seattle studio or anywhere on location.

We use the latest digital technology and expert post production to assure the final product is delivered to the client on time and within budget.


AmazonCutter & BuckMicrosoftFSAExperience Music ProjectNational Sign Corporation

Agencies I've Worked For

Purdie Rogers

Education / Qualifications

BS Business, University of Colorado BoulderCommercial photography, Santa Monica College


Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere Pro


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Ron Thompson

Product Design & Development Professional

Sep 15th 2015
I have worked with J. for over 25 years and found him to be a very talented and professional photographer. We have worked together in and around Seattle and have gone as far as China to shoot for a given client. In addition, he is respectful, creative and resourceful as he approaches projects and performs his vocation. I would use J. on any project that requires a detailed and dynamic photo guy.

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