J. M.

Senior Project Manager

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Currently available for contracts starting June 1st.
Experience: 18 Years
Location: Seattle, WA


Strong background in leading projects from concept to launch. Able to bring organization, creative thinking and innovative problem solving to business operations. Highly motivated and results oriented. Solid experience in managing web and mobile applications. Committed to delivering solutions that exceed customer expectations.


Clients I've worked with: Amazon, FOX Broadcasting, Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Storm, AT&T Wireless, Russell Investments, New Orleans Saints, Microsoft/Xbox, Toshiba, Universal Music Group, REI, Expedia, BYU, Yahoo, Sony, AIM Consulting, Dogfish Software, countless startup companies.

Platforms I've worked on: Web, Windows 8, Xbox, iOS, Android and Roku.

Projects I've managed: Mobile applications, web and software development, UX and UI design, content management systems, online videos & games, e-commerce, online and traditional print advertising, information architecture, SEO, web analytics, social media campaigns, marketing campaigns, video production and countless enterprise IT systems.

Agencies I've Worked For

Cypress Consulting
AIM Consulting
Dogfish Software

Education / Qualifications

Master of Communication in Digital Media
University of Washington
Bachelor of Arts Sociology/Journalism
Western Washington University


Android App DevelopmentBusiness AnalysiseCommerce ConsultingiOS DevelopmentiPad App Development
iPhone App DevelopmentMobile App DevelopmentProcess improvementProduct managementProgram Management
Project managementWeb Content ManagementWebsite DevelopmentDigital Project ManagementUser Experience Consulting

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