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Mobile Developer

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Experience: 10 Years
Location: Seattle, WA


Front end development for apps and games. Emphasis on UX, animation, and interaction. I usually work with a dedicated backend developer and a graphic designer. I've launched over 10 titles on the Apple App Store and 5 titles on Google Play.


Wedontknow Games - Founder | Mobile Developer (2014-present)
Develop the front end for Unity and native mobile projects
Consult in overall UX design and technical decisions for clients
Coordinate remotely with multidisciplinary teams and clients
Assess development timeframe and risks for projects
Launched five apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store
Zigza Inc. (2017 - present)
Senior Unity Developer
Draft Day 2017 (Aug. 2017)
Developed and released a Fantasy Football Draft Tool for both the App Store and Google Play.
Hot Salsa Interactive - Senior Mobile Developer (2015-2016)
Developed native iOS and Unity3D apps and games for the company's fledgling loyalty platform. Released 5 Unity3D apps to the App Store and Google Play.
Broken Bulb Studios - Senior Front End Developer (2008-2015)
Developed the Flash front end for 10 Facebook games and native front end for 5 iOS releases.
Gamelyn Games - iOS Developer (Aug. 2014)
Created an iOS version of Dungeon Heroes: The Board Game and released to the app store.
KIXEYE - UX Engineer (Sept. 2016 - Nov. 2016)
Implement UI and animations in a large team environment.
NuCalm (2016)
Created and released a therapeutic medical audio app to the Google Play store.
The Fantasy Footballer's Wheel of Water (2016)
Created and released a promotional app to both the App Store and Google Play.

Agencies I've Worked For


Education / Qualifications

BA in Game Design, Collins College


2D Animation2D DesignActionScript 3Adobe FlashAdobe IllustratorAdobe PhotoshopAndroid App Development
Apple UIKit FrameworkApple XcodeBox2DC#Facebook APIfacebook games developmentGoogle Analytics
Google DocsiOS DevelopmentObjective-CPerforceUnitySwiftAgile


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Matthew Parrett

CTO at Broken Bulb Game Studios

Oct 20th 2016
I collaborated with C. on multiple large mobile/social game projects for many years at Broken Bulb Game Studios. He shares my "anything is possible" attitude and loves to tackle tough challenges, including learning new languages and frameworks, building game engines, and doing it all with incredible efficiency. Conrad's passion for games and game development is infectious and I was privileged to work with him. If you need a mobile app or game developed, I highly recommend his talents.
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Andy Holloway

Host & Founder at The Fantasy Footballers Podcast

Oct 21st 2016
Worked with C. for several years and have the utmost respect for him as both a colleague and as a developer. His attention to detail and technical skill are rare and unmatched, he has a passion for his work and for seeing projects come to fruition and he enjoys and is capable of brainstorming beyond the development project itself and seeing the bigger picture and bigger context of his work. Having worked on several iOS and Mobile projects with him as the COO of Broken Bulb Studios, as well as privately contracting him for work for my company, I can recommend him wholeheartedly and am convinced he'd be an incredible asset to any team.
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Daniel pope

Retail Manager, Inventor, Start-Up

Oct 21st 2016
C. has been working for us over the last 8+ months on an app development project. Over this time C. not only showed excellence in his job duties and performance but also in his communications with our team. C. has gone above and beyond many times to stop and take his own time to educate our team on any questions that we had. C. has proven time and time again that he has a deep knowledge and experience on everything app and tec related. I could not imagine any better developer that i would want to work with. It has been a true pleasure working with C. and I am looking forward to hopefully working with him more in the future.
Project Manager
Foresight Creative Group, LLC
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Chad Horton

Web Technologist at Wowza Media Systems

Mar 22nd 2017
I've had the pleasure of working with this C. going back a few years. Outstanding work, attention to detail, works tirelessly to ensure the highest quality work. He works well as a team, including working very closely with graphic artists, database & web application developers to create visually and functionally beautiful mobile applications. There was never a missed milestone, and all projects were completed at or under budget. I would recommend C. for anyone in need of a new or re-envisioned mobile app or game.
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Pavel Goncharov

Senior PHP Developer at Socious

Mar 22nd 2017
C. is a great Mobile Developer. He is able to turn over the project quickly and effectively, while also keeping the quality very high. He is a great person to work with, and can easily jump in, and work on existing project or start a brand new one from scratch. Apple apps or Android or joint in Unity, he can do it all.
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Phillip Holmes


Mar 22nd 2017
I worked with Mr. R. for several months on a Unity / C# project. I can express enough what a pleasure he is to work with. Not only is C. easy to get along with and flexible, but his knowledge of Unity was outstanding. C. takes ownership of his project and makes things happen. There wasn't one time when even one detail was missed. I highly recommend him.
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Matt Quirk

Is your business struggling to make money online? I'll show you how to simplify your message to increase your sales.

Mar 22nd 2017
I had the pleasure of working with C. for nearly 5 years on many different projects. As the designer on those projects he made life a lot easier by explaining exactly what he needed from me and took the time to show me when things weren't working as intended.

His knowledge, talent, and patience makes him an integral part of any team. I highly recommend him for your next app development project!
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Ian Bellais, CCSP

Product Development and Business Development, Evangelist

Mar 22nd 2017
C. is great! He's fast, efficient and smart. I've worked with C. over the last two years. He's helped develop mobile apps for me in both Unity and iOS. I highly recommend him.
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Jason Boone

Art Director/3D Artist at Custom Game Design

Mar 22nd 2017
C. did some contract work for us and his work ethic is top-notch. Not only did his expert knowledge in Unity help us out tremendously, he also brought forth art ideas and experience as well. He works well with others and needs very little supervision when he's working remotely. He's a great guy and would look forward to working with him again.
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