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Art Director, Creative Designer, NutellaTasteTester, CatBellyRubber, Vinyl Decal Enthusiast and DIY Aficionado

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Pls contact me for my availability and schedule especially if yours is a big project/campaign. I would hate to bite off more than i can chew.

Even if your company has requirements that aren't in any of my particular skill sets, i would be happy to oblige and get out of my comfort zone as long as it involves good brainstorming and quality designs.
Experience: 12 Years
Location: Singapore, SG


I was an Asst Art Director at my previous place of 3 years before i decided to concentrate on building a name for myself as a freelancer in Singapore.

I have immersed myself into multiple design disciplines which has spanned across 10 years. I have collected valuable skills and experiences in branding + identity, annual reports, publishing, magazine layouts, advertisements. Recently taking up simple video editing projects for social media usage as well

And i'm quite adept at applying all those design skills into my photography as well. If you are in need of a commercial/editorial photographer, do gimme a beep and we'll see how both of us can benefit from each other.

Im also available as a retouch/digital manipulation/compositing artist, should you need one.


Adobe IllustratorAdobe InDesignAdobe LightroomAdobe PhotoshopAdobe Premiere Pro
AdvertisingBrand ConsultingCompositingFinal Cut ProLogo Design
Magazine LayoutMotion graphicsPhoto ManipulationPoster DesignVideo editing
Video Post Editing


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