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Experience: 3 Years
Location: Singapore, SG


I specialize in project management for data and application projects. I worked 5 years as a product manager before, and 3 years as a developer in various sectors.


Freelance (Data Science & Software Development) June 2018 – Present
• Ongoing: Real-time route optimization between warehouses, drivers and delivery points. Client based in US.
• Achieved 0.3 loss for custom image and object recognition on Raspberry Pi using Tensorflow and AWS. Client based in London.
• Built training and scoring pipeline in python notebook, linking up to AWS or local GPUs.
Research Room (Data Science & Management Consulting)
Analytics Developer (Intern) Dec 2017 – Feb 2018
• Research on Fama-French factor models and discovery of beta with alternative data sets.
• Text mining with Explicit Semantic Analysis techniques on conference calls and financial dictionaries to analyze question-answer sentiment pairs using nltk and genism, and applied unsupervised clustering of words with Tensorflow’s Recurrent neural network.
Built knowledge graph of documents, allowing searching of key topics via semantic relatedness and authority of papers using graph-tools and Django.
SAS Institute (Statistical Analysis Software)
Pre-sales (Intern) April 2017 – June 2017
• Led development of API controller and repository that slashed analytics demo development time by 30%. Facilitates rapid development and re-use of analytical solutions for sales teams to close deals.
• Coordinated with Singapore and Hong Kong teams to identify key requirements and future product roll outs, and testing validity of models with in-house data scientists.

Lianfeng International (Iron Ore & Proprietary Trading)
Development Intern Dec 2016 – April 2017
• Developed trading systems and visualizations to assist traders in analyzing markets or risk, reducing slippage and reaction time to rebalance portfolios. Used Python, C#, Bloomberg and streaming data.
• Sped up custom position and risk reports by factor of 8 through optimizing database queries and warehouses. Used Tableau, MSSQL, SQL Server 2014 and multithreading approaches.
• Assisted trading director in researching gold and copper strategies using statistical methods in Python.
GUTTZ Pte Ltd (Enterprise Solutions) Sept 2013 – April 2016
Information Systems Analyst (Management Trainee)
• Worked with retail, wholesale trade, travel and engineering companies, building e-commerce and POS systems with back-office capabilities.
• Coordinated product development of new software features between developers, testers and clients. Led market research and ensured deliverables are on time and of quality.
• Optimized software development life cycle (SDLC) processes achieving 15-25% faster turnaround of new features from request to deployment.
• Proposed and led re-design of sales intelligence dashboards, providing additional revenue channel.
• Implemented templates to speed up replies to product inquiries by 20%.
• Secured proposal to launch skills incubator with overseas university. Served to develop industrial projects and employment programs with students, and R&D collaborations with professors.

Agencies I've Worked For

Research Room

Education / Qualifications

Bsc Information SystemsDiploma in Communications & Media Management


Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Neural NetworksC#Change Management
Data analysisData ScienceForeign Exchange TradingJava
JavaScriptMachine learningProject managementPython


Best Final Year Project for Technical Complexity. Built teaching load system to raise accuracy and efficiency in allocating supply of faculty and demand of courses.
Recipient of SAS Institute Bachelor of Science Scholarship.Research Assistant working on flagship SMU-X Statistics project that was featured in the Straits Times


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