J. O.

Creative/Art Director

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Experience: 20 Years
Location: Stockholm, SE


I have worked with established brands from small start ups to global company’s and have met the demands for their target audience. At this point I have over 20 years of experience within the advertising industry.

In the area of Art Direction I work with identity programmes, web projects, packaging, print, ads, illustrations, film – and everything in between. I undertake projects in all areas and, of course, always looking forward to work with new clients and build new relationships.

Simply said, I solve problems. Design problems, branding problems, building problems, you-name-it-problems. I consult, advise, create, make, design, learn, elaborate or do whatever else is best for the problem at hand. I´m here to help.
Are fabrication a Design studio? Ad agency? Branding house? Consulting firm? Sign shop? Think tank?


Feel free to get in touch and see what creative solutions will fit your needs. I take pride in providing a design service that is on brand, on time and on budget


Big websitesIllustration and visualization
Design & BrandingCampaign Print & WebPhotographyStoryboardBrand I worked with: Arkitektkopia, Arvid Nordquist H.A.B, Apoteket, Civilekonomerna, Del Monte, Figaro Oliver, Campbell's Soup, McDonald's, MAryland Cookies, Kanal 5, TV 3, Försvarsmakten, Intrum Justitia, Kaupthing Bank, Scandinavian Masters, Landshypotek, Lantmännen, Skogssällskapet, Glommen & Lindberg, Djurgårdstaden and a many more...

Agencies I've Worked For

Leo Burnett
Stenström & co
Paganini Ventil Communication (Partner)
Ventil (Owner)

Education / Qualifications

SARA (The Swedish Academy of Realistic Art)Berghs School of Communication


2D Design3D DesignAdobe Creative Suite
IllustrationLogo DesignPhotography
Photo ManipulationPrint designStoryboarding
Web Design


Diplom NY Festival Film: the Sheriff , Client LinjeväljarenEuropean Regional Design Award 1996, Book Arctic InsuranceEuropean Regional Design Award 1996, Running man, business card


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Tomas Kalmaru

Copywriter at Tomas Kalmaru Ghostwriter AB

Jul 8th 2015
I strongly recommend J. O., both as an art director and as a person. He is the most versatile and easy going partner I've ever worked with and there has been a few!

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