T. B.


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Experience: 5 Years
Location: Stockholm, SE


A young photographer currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. Although he's not yet turned 30 he's already worked with huge companies such as Microsoft, Salesforce, PWC and Unilever. He also enjoys working with small fashion designers and creative briefs for smaller clients

His photographic style range from commercial and editorial to charactaristic portraiture, fashion and products. With a consistent style of contrast rich and colorful imagery with a detailed eye, it is easy to spot a image made by T. B..

This imagery got him featured on PhaseOne's, worlds best camera maker and the world leading flash maker Profoto's websites


Worked with SATS gym campaign of 2013 a new visual impact and campaign with masking of a inner city train.Subway campaign and website release with Unilever Flora in 2013Salesforce photographer for nordic countries. Shooting commercial portraits for ads and editorial purposes.

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Kim Gustafsson

MD, Wly

Apr 10th 2015
Professional with high-end skills. Great photographer who works in many disciplines.

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