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Experience: 24 Years
Location: Sydney, AU


Professional photographer based in Sydney Australia.

Shoots advertising campaigns and corporate image libraries for a wide range of clients throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Recent clients include HSBC, OCBC, DBS, Standard Charted Bank, Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Prison Service, Landrover, Lexus, Singapore Airport Services, Singapore Airlines, Singapore Press Holdings, Timberland, Anantara Resorts, Singtel and Starhub.

Work has been featured in Lurzer’s Archive Top 200 Photographers Worldwide and Lurzer’s Archive Top 200 Digital Artists Worldwide.


Agencies I've Worked For

LoweSaatchi & Saatchi

Education / Qualifications

H. Dip Visual Communication Design


Adobe LightroomAdobe Photoshop
Photo EditingPhotography
Photo ManipulationProject management


Lurzer’s Archive Top 200 Photographers Worldwide Lurzer’s Archive Top 200 Digital Artists Worldwide


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Justin Halim

Head of Agencies, Southeast Asia at Facebook; Digital Marketing, Strategy and Social Media Professional

May 13th 2015
We worked with B. for our wedding, and throughout the entire experience B. made us feel completely at ease, while remaining sharply focused on delivering outstanding photos that wonderfully captured the moment. Above all else B. was a tonne of fun - so much so that he took part in the celebrations! I would wholeheartedly recommend B. for any photography work.

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