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I am currently available for freelance projects in any time zone.
Experience: 20 Years
Location: Sydney, AU


I have twenty years of consumer brand marketing experience, starting as a strategic planner, moving into public relations, then integrated comms, and am now using all these skills to operate as a global marketing consultant, with a current focus on the travel and hospitality markets in the APAC region.

I specialise in brand launches/relaunches, generating big ideas to create consumer engagement at scale, and social media community management to grow brand advocate networks and, critically, drive client revenue.

Career highpoints include securing Hanging Gardens Ubud's place as 'world's best pool', London's first pop-up hotel, making Diageo clients cry (with joy) in a pitch and 'changing the way Exposure does business' to quote CEO Tim Bourne.


Director, Communications, Exposure EuropeManaging Partner, Iris WorldwideManaging Partner, Stoke AgencyFounder & Creative Director, Splendid Communications Australasia

Agencies I've Worked For

Exposure Europe
Iris Worldwide
Splendid Communications
Stellar* Concepts

Education / Qualifications

Bachelor of Science in Economics from the London School of Economics


Brand ConsultingBrand ManagementBusiness PlanningBusiness WritingCopy editing
CopywritingCreative writingFacebook MarketingOnline Community ManagementPublic Relations
SEO Keyword ResearchStrategic planningTravel WritingWebsite DevelopmentDigital Strategy


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