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Director Of Photography

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Contact me for more information about my current availability for Photography or Cinematography. Various assignments come and go, but there is always time to discuss new projects and adventures...
Experience: 24 Years
Location: Toronto, ON


Director of Photography and specialty Commercial Photographer living in Toronto- Canada, and working where ever assignments are.

Started with his father's Zorki rangefinder when he was a teenager, and since than camera was always with in arm's reach. Along came the film school, commercial and stock photography, movies and TV work.

Principal at FOTOGRAFIA INC. established 1993.


Director of Photography, Lightbox Video Inc.Techincal Director, Lightbox Video Inc.Director of Photography, Bajaj Films, India.Cinematographer, HLP Inc.Stock Photographer, Getty's/iStock. Documentary Photographer, MINI Canada.Architectural Photographer, Pyramid Studio.

Education / Qualifications

BA Cinematography & TV ProductionNPS Canada


Adobe LightroomAdobe PhotoshopCinematographyEditing
Final Cut ProMicrostock PhotographyPhotograph Color CorrectionPhotography
Photo ManipulationTechnical SupportLighting Design


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Bruce Walker

Project Manager at Itibiti Ventures Inc.

Sep 28th 2015
Steve is a very talented Director of Photography, Every time it has been a pleasure to work with him.

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