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Brand Strategist, Senior Marketing Professional

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Experience: 20 Years
Location: Vancouver, BC


I'm a brand whisperer. I seamlessly combine strategy and creative to develop customer-centric solutions built for the digital age. I believe in design, the customer journey, data-driven insights, collaborative ideation and marketing what really matters.

Great for: brand strategy, rebranding and development projects, integrated campaigns and general smart counsel. Trusted. Experienced. All-round good human. It doesn't have to be hard, give me a call.


20+ years of agency-side experience working with iconic Canadian brands such as VANOC, Vancity, Shoppers Drug Mart, MEC, Canadian Tourism Commission, Sobey's (Compliments), Finning, Simon Fraser University, Ledcor, Port Metro Vancouver, BC Place, Vancouver Convention Centre, BC Hydro, Richmond Centre, Sun-Rype, Silver Hills and more. Large scale brand transformations - from insight gathering, to stakeholder interviews, to strategy development and through to all mA. r of integrated communications.

Agencies I've Worked For

Karo Group
DDB Canada
Karacters Design
Letterbox Design

Education / Qualifications

Advanced Management Training, Omnicom University, BabsonThe Adaptive Leader, The Wray GroupBritish Columbia Institute of Technology, Diploma of Marketing Management, Small Business Option


Account ManagementAdvertisingArt DirectionArticulate PresenterB2B Marketing
Brand ConsultingBrand ManagementChange ManagementCreative writingMarketing strategy
Project managementSocial Media MarketingStrategic planningContent Strategy


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