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Web Designer and Developer

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Please get in touch for more information about my current availability.
Experience: 8 Years
Location: Vancouver, BC


I build beautiful websites and applications (web and mobile), for a variety of clients. I work primarily with Django to develop backend applications and RESTful APIs, and React to build interactive frontend applications, as well as React Native for mobile apps. For some clients, I'll build applications with tools like Firebase, if I find it better fits their needs and budget.

I'm happy deploying and maintaining Django applications on AWS, Heroku or Divio, depending on your needs.

Many of my customers need a marketing presence as well as their core application. For them, I design and develop WordPress sites on Pantheon.io. I handle things like SEO, analytics configurations, and setting up tools for communication with users/clients.

I work alone on smaller projects, but also have a network of people I work with to build a small team to take on bigger projects when necessary.

I do not do hourly work. If we work together I'll setup a quote for your project, with a specific payment schedule. If you would like to budget a specific amount of time per month that you would like me to work on a project, I will write up a contract for recurring payments for which we can negotiate on the specific terms.


Founder and developer of Loon

Loon is a platform that lets you turn your reading into audio you can listen to on the go, as a podcast. Check it out at [you must be logged in to see this link]
I just need to...

"I just need to" is a database of useful tools for startups and small businesses to kickstart their online business.
CTO of Addo

For a year and a half, I was the CTO of a startup called Addo. I managed one full-stack developer and one designer, while also coding and managing infrastructure myself.
Digital Exploration of the Sublime

I have an MFA in Emergent Media, and one of the things I really enjoyed about academia is that you have, within limits, the freedom to pursue projects that are out of the ordinary. For my thesis, I built an interactive space using sensor networks, lights, and visualizations, as part of an exploration of the Sublime.
Advanced Programmer at the Emergent Media Center at Champlain College.

During my master's degree, I worked as a developer at the "EMC" at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. I mentored a couple undergrads during that time.

Education / Qualifications

Master of Fine Art in Emergent Media
Champlain College, Burlington, VT, USA
Baccalaureate of Fine Art in Computation Arts
Concordia University, Montreal, QC, Canada


Adobe IllustratorAmazon Web ServicesDjangoHeroku
Interaction designJavaScriptPHPPython
User interface designWordPressReact JSReact Native

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Moses Robicheau

Operations Manager at The Influential Network

May 13th 2016
I would strongly recommend Raph for development work. He is a very hard worker with strong attention to details - making sure that the quality of the project is strong and true. He works very well with other team members, and collaborates and shares ideas which add great value.
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Liz Gosselin

Design Director at Pivot Creative Communications

Mar 11th 2017
I've worked with Raph for three years and he has consistently provided exceptional services through every step of each project from quotes to project delivery. Raph offers valuable advice and direction on the best way to accomplish your project. He can easily communicate complex problems in a way that any client can understand. I highly recommend working with Raph and look forward to continuing working with him in the future.

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