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UX & Market Researcher

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I am just starting out as a freelancer and am currently wide open. Hopefully, that will change.
Experience: 15 Years
Location: Vancouver, BC


15 years of broad experience in market research, user experience research, marketing, and advertising. Extensive training and experience in both qualitative and quantitative market research techniques & analysis. Known for persistence and drive to deliver results. A dual US and Canadian citizen.

Core Competencies:
• Qualitative Research • Survey Software • Statistical Software • Quantitative Research • Usability Testing • Excel • PowerPoint • Keynote

Current board member of the Marketing Research & Intelligence Association, BC chapter.


User Testing for local agencies, Microsoft, Facebook, Farmers Insurance, Applause, Motivate Design, and more. Web sites and mobile apps.Qualitative Research for Nissan, Infiniti, Motion Canada, Happy Cog. Focus groups and in-depth-interviews/one-on-ones. UX and marketing objectives.Quantitative Research for Motion Canada, ad agencies. Surveys. UX, marketing, and customer satisfaction objectives.Data Analysis for Nissan, Infiniti, Motion Canada, ad agencies.

Agencies I've Worked For

MRM WorldwideHappy Cog
TBWA\VancovuerThe Designory
Denim & Steele

Education / Qualifications

MBA, Pepperdine UniversityBS, Colorado State University


Behavioral Event InterviewingData analysisForum ModerationInternet research
internet surveysInterviewingMarket researchQuantitative Analysis
Survey DesignSurveyMonkeyUser Experience ConsultingWorkshop Facilitation


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