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I am available for freelance and consulting projects. I can work in your office, or remotely from my own office. I can work by the hour, or for a fixed price per project.
Experience: 5 Years
Location: Vancouver, BC


I plan and execute user research activities (surveys, interviews, usability testing) to analyze and communicate insights that will guide product vision. I define and test information architectures to enhance discoverability of content. I wireframe user interfaces to solidify consensus and communicate requirements to designers and developers. I test and rapidly iterate prototypes to answer design questions and create more satisfying experiences for users.


User research. Usability testing. UI and interaction design. Axure prototype development. Ongoing long-term contract.
CISCO, UX researcher (consultant)
Created a usability testing framework for benchmarking cloud security products. Planned and executed several rounds of usability tests. Collected and analyzed data for several key indicators in order to objectively measure ongoing improvements and competitive strengths. Identified clear trends and delivered detailed recommendations. Consulted to a large team of dedicated UX specialists at Cisco.
BC NDP, UX Consultant
Worked on the launch of the BC NDP provincial election campaign website. Responsible for usability testing of early concept wireframes. Prepared usability test plan. Recruited all test participants. Prepared interactive prototype in Axure. Conducted all usability tests and analysis. Delivered detailed report. Turned test data into actionable requirements. Provided customer insights and UI recommendations.
BC HOUSING, Usability Analyst (consultant)
Worked on the launch of the new BC Housing website. Responsible for the testing and redesign of several new online self-service tools (forms) that help users take better advantage of BC Housing's services. Turned test data into actionable requirements. Provided customer insights, UI recommendations and wireframes (in Balsamiq & Axure) to help drive iterative product improvements. Worked in collaboration with BA, writers, developers & QA.
INUVIKA SOFTWARE, UI Designer (consultant)
Designed from scratch a completely new administrative dashboard for Inuvika’s enterprise desktop virtualization software. Conducted requirements analysis, workshop and delivered Axure wireframes for proposed solution.
Helped with the overhaul of a website targeting homeless children in Vancouver. Conducted heuristic evaluation and competitor review. Facilitated requirements gathering workshop with senior management. Conducted card sorts and usability testing with homeless children. Created user personas. Delivered an information architecture and interactive wireframes in Axure.
Helped with the launch of a new e-commerce site. Conducted requirements gathering workshop with product owner and marketing team. Conducted in-depth one-on-one interviews with customers. Created user personas and new information architecture. Conducted iterative usability testing and delivered responsive design in Axure.
DOGWOOD INITIATIVE, Usability Analyst (consultant)
Assisted in re-launch of fundraising site for environmental action group. Analyzed customer survey data, identified key user characteristics and segmented users into seven distinct groups. Prepared realistic and compelling user personas and created user stories to help guide the creative agency in their design and development work.
SERENGETI DESIGN GROUP, Digital Project Manager
Managed teams of creative professionals and subcontractors including writers, web developers and UX consultants. Managed project kick-off meetings with clients. Developed creative briefs for designers. Prepared work breakdown structures, project schedules, budgets, project plans and status reports for all web projects. Oversaw all web projects through to completion. Managed and solved challenges that arose. Handled scope-creep, change requests and other project risks. Recruited UX consultants, writers and web developers and fostered team spirit. Reviewed agency process to identify efficiency improvements.

Agencies I've Worked For

Serengeti Design Group (Vancouver)
SMI Advertising (London, UK)

Education / Qualifications

UX certified by Nielsen Norman GroupVisual Design, UBCCommunications Design, Emily Carr University of Art & DesignUser Interface Design for the Web, UBCUser Experience Strategy, UBCProject Management for the Web, UBCBachelor of Science, Kings College, London, UK1+ years as a UX consultant5+ years of project managing teams with UX/UI specialists, visual designers, content writers and developers.15+ years analyzing customer needs, defining requirements/scope and delivering successful digital projects


AxureBalsamiqInformation ArchitectureInteraction designInterviewing
Requirements analysisSurvey DesignUser interface designUsability testingWebsite Wireframing
WireframingInteractive PrototypingUser Experience ConsultingWorkshop FacilitationUI/UX Design


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