D. D.

Filmmaker / Photographer / Graphic Designer

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I am currently available to consult on new projects. Please contact me with your ideas.
Experience: 10 Years
Location: Vancouver, BC


I am a West Coast Filmmaker, Photographer and Graphic Designer. I work in the Vancouver Film Industry as an Art Director most of the year and create independent films and personal design projects during hiatus. I have plenty of experience on professional movie sets and I can design and organize a project all the way through from pre-production, principle photography to post-production. I design, film and edit my own films.

My personal aesthetic involves contrasts. I love to juxtapose nature against industry. I also love an atmosphere of mystery or dread that hints at meanings hidden beneath the surface. My shots are often classic and carefully composed. My cuts are surgical.

I also love collage and mixed media. I love to work with physical materials before I scan or photograph them into the digital realm. I am a great believer in 'roughing up the ground' before an image is refined.


Agencies I've Worked For

Heaven's Door Productions Inc.
Veritas Productions Inc.
Grim Sleeper Productions Inc.


Adobe Creative SuiteAdobe IllustratorAdobe InDesignAdobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere ProFilm DirectionFilm ProductionGraphic design
PhotographyVideo editingVideo production


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Nadine Doucette

Alberni Filmmakers Collective

Mar 28th 2015
D. and I worked together on his project "Doors". His creativity, vision and professionalism where first and foremost with this project. His hard work and boundless energy brought everyone, who worked with him, to the peak of their performance. Awesome, working with you Darryll, I would do it again in a flash.

Desmond Reddick

Dread Media

Mar 28th 2015
D. and I have worked together on two short films. One was a film with one location and the other was a much more complicated effort with six locations and a large cast. Each project was very different in style, tone and content, yet D. showed professionalism and vision in each project. In a variety of different roles, D. showed confidence and leadership, inspiring confidence in others.
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C. B.

Graphic Designer / Filmmaker

Mar 28th 2015
It was a great opportunity to work on D. D.'s short film "Breaking Point" (2013).

His direction on set was decisive and well-informed. His passion for creating the movie was matched by the dedication and trust he gave his crew. After the first day, he made a point to express his appreciation of the speed and hard work I put in as the Second Assistant Cameraman.

The support he gave me as the Picture Editor was invaluable. He is a good listener and open to creative options, all while making good judgment calls to fully realize the project.

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