S. H.

Web Developer & Software Engineer

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I'm working full time on a few projects, so I'll be unable to take on anything for the foreseeable future.
Experience: 10 Years
Location: Vancouver, BC


I'm a front and back-end web developer, software engineer, and general all around programmer with 10 years of industry experience. I've worked in-house and remotely for various high profile digital agencies in Vancouver and Dublin, Ireland.

Had the opportunity to work on large projects for global brands like General Electric, O2, Hewlett Packard, Pearson, and Trend Micro.


10 Years - Front-end web development10 Years - PHP & back-end web development8 Years - Freelance experience6 Years - Digital agency experience

Agencies I've Worked For

TBA Digital
Red Label Communications

Education / Qualifications

Honours Degree - Computer Science


A/B TestingAdobe DreamweaverAdobe PhotoshopAffiliate MarketingAJAXApache administrationAPI DevelopmentAPI DocumentationBugzillaC#CakePHPCentOSCodeIgniterCPanelWeb CrawlingCSSCSS3
Custom CMSDatabase AdministrationDatabase designdatabase managementDatabase Modelingdatabase programmingeCommerce ConsultingE-mail marketingFacebook APIGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Analytics APIHTMLHTML5JavaJavaScriptjQueryJQuery Mobile
LAMP AdministrationMySQLOracle databasePayment Gateway IntegrationPayPal APIPaypal IntegrationPay per clickPHPphpMyAdminPay Per Click Advertisingpsd to htmlSQLSQLitetwitter apiUnityWAMPWebsite Analytics


FWA Award


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