J. H.

Full stack engineer and statistician

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I have engineering days available in May and Jun 2015, and limited statistical days in Jun (3-day minimum).
Experience: 10 Years
Location: Washington, DC


I'm an experienced freelance full-stack engineer with proficiency in Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Javascript, PostgreSQL, C++, Java, R, and Objective-C on Mac and iOS. I also consult on statistical problems like A/B optimization, survey design, and algorithm development.


Ruby with Rails and Sinatra, 5 years.C++ on Windows and Linux, 10 years.R, 5 yearsJava and Java EE, 6 yearsPostgreSQL, 4 years.

Education / Qualifications

MSc. Applied Mathematics, Georgetown University 2005. Dual BSc. Computer Science and Mathematics, Arizona State University 2003.


A/B TestingiPhone App DevelopmentMobile App Development
Oracle Java EEPostgreSQLRuby
Ruby on RailsStatistics


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