G. B.

Frontend Web Developer, Graphic Designer

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Experience: 10 Years
Location: Washington, DC


I have 10 years of professional experience in designing pixel-perfect web initiatives, while making sure my designs looks good across every size of screen. I am equally at home in Photoshop/Illustrator as I am in code. I am a Drupal developer (CMS content, module dev & theming) and am fluent in HTML5/CSS3/Javascript/jQuery/jQuery Mobile/AJAX/RESTful API integration/SEO best practices and Schema/Rich Snippets implementation. I also have experience in agency banner ad creation (using Flash, Adobe Edge and After Effects) and marketing code tracking, for gathering stats on the success rate of campaigns. All work takes into account every screen size is always W3C/HTM5 compliant and fully responsive. Other than exceeding client expectations in a collaborative environment, I have had many, many wonderful experiences working with art directors, media peoples, account excecutives, developers, copyrwriters and local artists.


2D AnimationCSSCSS3Drupal
HTML5JavaScriptjQueryJQuery Mobile
PSD to XHTMLtwitter bootstrapWordPressAngularJS

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Jeffory Evan


May 18th 2017
My name is J. E.,Do you do Website design for new company and do you accept credit card ? you can email me....[you must be logged in to see this email address] or text me....386) 385-4183

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