E. O.

Full-Stack Web Developer

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I currently have up to 20 hours a week available, unless I've recently landed a gig and forgotten to update this profile. Send me a line and we'll talk.
Experience: 21 Years
Location: Minneapolis, MN


I build web applications. Since 2007 I've worked mostly with JavaScript and Ruby on Rails, but I'm also comfortable with other languages and technologies, up and down the stack.

Some talents that make me a good freelancer:

– Communication. I'm good at listening to what you need, asking the right questions to translate it into code, explaining what we can and can't do, and suggesting alternatives if necessary.
– Troubleshooting. I'm good at coming into an existing codebase, figuring out what's wrong, fixing it, and making it easier to work with in the future.
– I'm not a designer, but I have a good eye; within an existing design, I can often make the changes that are necessary as requirements change and as a flat design has to be adapted to the dynamic web.
– I enjoy working with junior developers. If you have a team that just needs some extra help, I'm good at helping them understand the code I'm contributing and become better programmers themselves.

I can also play the accordion, should the need arise.


Freelancer since 2009.Various Silicon Valley startups, now mostly defunct or acquired by famous multinationals.Research developer for two years at AT&T Labs, back in the day.

Education / Qualifications

MS, Computer Science, Northeastern University.BA, Computer Science, Gustavus Adolphus College.Took a couple filmmaking classes at De Anza.


Amazon Web ServicesCode RefactoringCSSCSS3CucumberHAMLHeroku
RSSRubyRuby on RailsSassSoftware DebuggingSQLUnit Testing


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Kai Stewart

Ruby on Rails developer

May 28th 2015
E. mentored me through my apprenticeship. He's extremely knowledgeable, patient, thorough, and dedicated to quality. He's also a swell guy with a subtle, quiet sense of humor.

Heather Quintal


Jun 1st 2015
I've worked with E. off and on over the last 6 years. I never hesitate to recommend him to others or bring him into a project I've been working on. He's incredibly smart, a great communicator and is highly skilled at solving problems. He's a very genuine person and a swell addition to any team or project.
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Matt Decuir

Co-Founder of OMG Transit, Product Manager at Kidizen

Jun 7th 2015
I had the pleasure to work closely with E. on a client project, and he was an incredibly valuable asset to the team. I was most impressed by his ability to take an incredibly complex system, understand it, and translate that understanding into a piece of user-friendly software. I would highly recommend him if you're looking to hire a full-stack developer.

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