M. B.

Freelance Writer/Editor

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Experience: 9 Years
Location: Orlando, FL


M. B. is a writer/producer/editor with experience in various media.

He has experience ranging from news and magazine writing, to television and audio production. He has eight years of combined experience in various media.

In addition to his current role as senior radio producer for Campus Crusade for Christ (cru in the United States), he freelances for various periodicals. He has also written, edited and produced another nationally distributed radio program, wrote technical reports in various forms, and has worked in television programming.

He has interviewed a wide variety of guests, from music artists and politicians, to authors, actors and TV personalities. M. holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts/Journalism and currently resides in Orlando, Florida.


Radio Producer at Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ Freelance Writer at Newsmax Media Freelance Writer at The Contentinators (SEO Content creation)Freelance Writer at VS Publishing Company

Education / Qualifications

University of West Florida (UWF) Bachelor of Arts, Communication Arts/Journalism


Adobe Creative SuiteAP Style WritingArticle Writing
EditingEditorial WritingNews Writing Style
Radio BroadcastingTV BroadcastingWeb design
Web Design


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