B. J.

3D Artist, Graphic Designer

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Experience: 6 Years
Location: Salt Lake City, UT


I am a 3D artist that specializes in Architectural Visualization. This includes anything involved in the construction and manufacturing industries. I offer branding, instructional animations and videos, 3D photo-real images for any project, and many other unique projects.


Interior Visualizations
Alder and Tweed (Park City, Utah)
-Modeled and rendered interiors for interior design concepts.
3D Modeler
The Finest Home Builder, LLC
-Developed 3d renderings of key changes of floor plans for construction proposal.
-Delivered final products as high res images and videos and put together in a DVD video with titles.
-Created illustrated videos of building projects to be presented in court.
3D Animator
American Patio Covers
-Animated and rendered 3D instructional videos for patio cover installations
-Included post work with graphics for posting on youtube and burned to a playable DVD.
Graphic Designer
Americas Fighting Dinosaur
-Assist with promotional products for kickstater project.
-Manipulate photos for realistic renders of WWII era
Other Various small projects including logo design, shirt design and poster graphics.

Agencies I've Worked For

American Patio Covers
The Finest Home Builder, LLC
Alder and Tweed

Education / Qualifications

Northwest College of Art and Design / Double Majors in Fine Art and Entertainment Art. University of Utah / Film Studies.


3D Animation3D ModelingAdobe Creative Suite
Autodesk ArchitectureAutodesk 3D Studio MaxGraphic design
PhotographyPixologic Zbrush


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