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Experience: 10 Years
Location: Washington, DC


at 50+, I am an emerging photographer with a deep love for portrait and architectural photography. I shoot with a simple camera, a simple lens, using natural light (still working on how-to-flash.) As a teenager all I wanted to be was a photographer, but other choices were made. Ten years ago, after coffee with a friend and a talk about our dreams, I was gently pushed by that friend to follow that teenage dream.

I hope to be on Getty Images soon & go on assignment in my mid-60s for National Geographic, if they'll have me! Life has been beautiful, esp. after when it's not. Images are stories, ones that I want to tell.

I'm gently obsessed with Instagram and as a purist I only use my Iphone 4/5. Follow me there too @ lfleischer.

- l.


Office Portrait Series, a yearly (self-created) fundraiser for the Combined Federal Campaign/ at the Dept. of Housing & Urban Development 2013, 2014Commissioned to photograph two city events, Allentown PA
Blues, Brews & BBQ - May 2010 Roof with a View - June 2010
3 weddings (I don't like shooting weddings!)


Photo Editing


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