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Front End Developer

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Experience: 7 Years
Location: Washington, DC


Development within award winning agencies, project management in a high level design firm, along with success in entrepreneurship has built over 6 years of experience in the web industry. Having success generating design systems for companies such as Wunderman, or maintaining sites for companies such as Adra, TBN, and many other has generated a strong sense for web design and standards. Along with recognition such as being a semi-finalist in the ‘Adobe Design Achievement Awards' shows a strong sense of personal success. Having a startup in the Dreamit Ventures portfolio and working on M. eting services for small business has contributed greatly to a unique skill set with a focus in design and its relation to data.


SocialChomp (Co-Founder)
A M. eting platform that allows companies to create campaigns collecting text, photos, and videos from their customers across social media.
My role consisted of networking at business social events, creating pitch decks and all printed material, presenting in pitching contest, designing and developing the front-end framework. I performed interviews with users and potential clients. I also, assisted with the acquisition strategies for new business.
Senior Web Developer
• Writing JS plugins for websites
• Leading front end development for major client sites
• Creating and documenting OOSASS, implementations of websites
Highland Technology Services Inc.
Highland graphic designer/ senior front-end developer HSS Drupal Administrator
• Develop corporate website (server side, back-end, and front end)
• Create graphics for proposals
• Provide Drupal training and insight to web team
• Write up reports to be used in further meeting and planning
Woodpile Studios
A communications company specializing in branding, corporate identity, tradeshow promotion, graphic design and advertising
• Design, develop, and deliver client web sites/Intranet sites, including service as Project Manager on site development. Activities included communicating to different directorate, site maintenance, troubleshooting, managing content, and training within the directorates.
• Entrusted with responsibilities to Design print and promotional materials for the Veterans Administration. Assisted Lead Designer with re-branding the Communications directorate. And took lead roles for print materials production, often having to simplify a message to create understanding throughout the Veterans Administration.
• Developed the first brochure for the VA Library Network and later given the lead role in creating promotional material to accompany the VALNET brochure.
• Successfully trained web administrators of the 508 Compliance group teaching them to adjust to a new CMS. Alongside of finishing their original site after losing their lead programmer.
• Created the Communications ehealth internet/intranet websites. Site was the foundation of a list of projects spearheaded by the Communications department to create better understanding between directorates throughout the Veterans Administration.

Agencies I've Worked For

Trinet Internet Solutions

Education / Qualifications

Full Sail University (2006-2008)
Bachelor of Science
Digital Arts and Design


2D DesignActionScript 2Adobe Creative SuiteAdobe InDesignAdobe PhotoshopDrupalGraphic design
HTMLHTML5JavaScriptMotion graphicsPSD to XHTMLTechnical DocumentationUser interface design
User acceptance testingWeb Content ManagementWeb designWeb TestingWordPressXHTMLUser Experience Consulting


Featured artist on the front of Full Sail portal Site (June 07)
Featured artist in Full Sail Art Gallery (November 07)
Semifinalists in Adobe Design Achievements Awards (May 08)
Featured artist on the front of Full Sail portal Site (January 08)
Best In Show at Full Sail Art gallery (February 08)
Featured artist in Full Sail Art Gallery (March 08)

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