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User Experience Designer/Consultant

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I am currently available to take on new UX design, usability evaluation, or web accessibility evaluation projects through my company on a freelance, contract, or subcontract basis. While ideally I would want to be remote with occasional travel, I am exploring my options.

Portfolio samples are available through my website or Behance. I have additional samples available for software applications which I have worked on (prior to starting my business) upon request.

I'm also interested in building project dream teams for some very exciting potential projects. Contact me if you'd be interested in being part of one - particularly if you are a developer or illustrator.
Experience: 7 Years
Location: Washington, DC


I transitioned from software development into UX design due to a desire for helping users have software products, websites, and apps that they enjoy. I had seen many user interfaces which had been created without truly user-centered thinking, and I have seen even to this day how interfaces like that harm users by trying to make them think like computers. And I knew there was a better way.

At heart, I am an interaction designer who also has an eye for information architecture. But in the primary market I chose for my business, user-centered design was rarely being done. So working in this market as a UX consultant and business owner has forced me to diversify my skills. I've done several UX design projects where I have had to act as a lone wolf - doing everything from user research to IxD, IA, visual design, and even development and deployment - all in a user-centered manner.

I own a UX design/consulting business based in Maryland, but I also work on the go. While I am fine with traveling, I prefer to work remotely from a desk set up on the porch with birds singing in the distance - when the weather is nice. I'm open to working with a wide range of companies, but I especially love projects that match up with my personal interests.


Owner & User Experience Designer at Thrill & Create LLC, Gambrills, MD, USA: April 2012 - present.Software Developer at Bay Bridge Decision Technologies, Annapolis, MD, USA: June 2010 - April 2012.Junior Software Engineer at Orbit Logic, Greenbelt, MD, USA: June 2009 - January 2010.Associate Software Engineer at Integral Systems, Lanham, MD, USA: November 2007 - March 2009.Programmer Analyst at CSC, Lanham, MD, USA: February 2007 - October 2007.

Agencies I've Worked For

Thrill & Create

Education / Qualifications

University of Maryland, College Park: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 2006.


Adobe DreamweaverAdobe PhotoshopAxureCSS3GIMPGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Docs
GUI DesignHTML5Information ArchitectureInteraction designMercurialMicrosoft Visual StudioProject management
User interface designUsability testingWeb designWebsite PrototypingWebsite WireframingWireframingInteractive Prototyping
User Experience Consulting


Satellite Tool Kit (STK) Certified Rocket Scientist certification, November 2009.Spot bonus for optimization work at Orbit Logic, 2009.


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