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Voiceover Talent & Post Production Audio

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Experience: 19 Years
Location: Washington, DC


I have been working as a Post Production Audio Engineer since 2000, focusing primarily in mixing network promos, political ads, commercials, and long-form programming. After recording countless VO sessions, I began working as a Voiceover Talent circa 2007. Today, I own a home studio complete with 5.1 mixing capability as well as VO booth with ISDN, Source-Connect, and phone patch. I also consult on studio construction.


10 years as staff Audio Engineer5+ years as freelance Audio Engineer8+ years as freelance Voiceover Talent

Agencies I've Worked For

Capital Talent Agency

Education / Qualifications

DePaul University School of Music, Bachelor of Science in Music, Major in Sound Recording Technology, Minor in MicroelectronicsStudied voiceover under Dave Walsh, Melissa Leebaert, Craig SechlerWashington Improv Theater, complete curriculum


Audio EditingAudio Engineering
Audio MixingAudio Post Production
Sound Designsound editing
Voice acting


2014 TIVA-DC Bronze Peer Award for Longform Voiceover


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