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Experience: 12 Years
Location: Washington, DC


With 12 years of experience spanning the creation of complete brands as well as creating the small stuff that engages users, I have shown innovation and brand strategy across my work in many mediums. I am highly knowledgeable in branding, web user interfaces, user experience, and marketing. My work is created with a healthy obsession for typography and a genuine passion for design and positive user experience.


UX Lead / Manager
Lead a multi-disciplinary team of interaction designers, visual designers, and content strategists in shaping LivingSocial's mobile and desktop products. Together, we design user-centered e-commerce experiences that inspire members to discover everything from weekend excursions to one-of-a kind events and experiences. With lots of experience communicating and problem solving within my team, our diverse projects also require me to collaborate with Product Managers, Marketing Directors, and Editorial Teams to execute on product roadmaps and meet business objectives across the company.
CoStar Group
Senior Art Director
Responsible for the user experience and visual execution across web and mobile products. Lead the conceptual development, information architecture and visual design of Go and Fusion, CoStar’s iPad application and primary web application. Manage a team of user interface designers and graphic designers. Work directly with product managers, senior executives and development teams to set overall product direction.
Art Director
Concepted, designed and directed creative solutions for a variety of HZDG’s top clients. Collaborated with creative director, copy writers and account executives to develop and establish project direction. Responsible for creating print and web visuals, managing designers and overseeing production of each project.

Client Highlights: Ad Club of Metropolitan Washington, American Legacy Foundation, California Tortilla, Case Foundation, Chesapeake Bay Trust, Hollywood Records, Mervis Diamonds, Philadelphia 76ers, Volkswagon, Waldorf Astoria

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Education / Qualifications

Virginia Tech
Bachelor of Fine Arts, concentration in Visual Communications Minor, Communications Studies


Adobe Creative SuiteAdobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesignAdobe Photoshop


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