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Web Designer/Developer

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I currently am free for work and constantly looking for more projects. I can handle multiple projects at once
Experience: 4 Years
Location: New York City, NY


Basically I want to make you look awesome! It is as simple as that! I have a deep love for design and this helps me make the web more than just a white page. I love expressing my creativity and keeping my work as unique and creative as possible. My passion is in designing and it is always helping me push to my full potential. I tell people "I LOVE WHAT I DO" and that puts a smile on my face. It will do the same for you. Knowing that your business and or interests are your top priorities, I will make you stand out and crush your competition! My services include complete design of a new website, redesigning an existing website, logo design and branding !


Carlyle Designs, New York, NY
June 2012 to present
Freelanced as the web designer for the Architect and Fine Artist of Carlyle Design
Mob Candy Magazine, Brooklyn, NY
August 2010 to Present
Freelanced as the web designer for Mob Candy Magazine.
Portalia Ristorante, Astoria, NY
September 2013 to present
Freelanced as the web designer for the Italian Restaurant Portalia

Education / Qualifications

Website Development and Administration, A.A.S
Kingsborough Community College (KBCC), Brooklyn, NY
Website Design and Development, CUNY B.A.
New York City College of Technology (NYCT), Brooklyn, NY


Adobe Creative SuiteAdobe DreamweaverAdobe IllustratorAdobe PhotoshopBusiness Card DesignCSS
CSS3Flyer DesignHTMLHTML5JavaScriptjQuery
Logo DesignWordPressWordPress e-CommerceWeb DevelopmentWeb Design

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