C. J.

Software Engineer

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Experience: 15 Years
Location: Washington, DC


I'm currently doing backend development for a web application designed to provide medical researchers with tools they need to analyze and manage time series data from a variety of medical monitoring devices. Along the way I've had the opportunity to learn and implement several new technologies related to authentication, time series data storage and front end web components.


Team Lead/Software Engineer for CardioVascular Research Group at the Institute for Computational Medicine at Johns Hopkins UniversityWeb Developer, World BankSoftware Engineer, Triton ServicesActing Project Manager/Senior Staging Lead, Navy Marine Corps Intranet project

Agencies I've Worked For

Johns Hopkins UniversityWorld Bank
Triton Svc.U.S. Navy/Marine Corps
Lockheed MartinU.S. Army

Education / Qualifications

Bachelor of Science, University of Maryland University College


.NET FrameworkAJAXAndroid App DevelopmentApache AntApache MavenApache TomcatC#CentOSEclipse
Microsoft Visual BASICMySQLOAuthOracle Java EEPostgreSQLPrimeFacesUbuntuXML

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Dennis Delrosario

Senior Cyber Security Analyst / Auditor

Jun 19th 2015
C. is a brilliant developer with exceptional abilities and leadership skills. He has demonstrated his ability follow requirements and lead teams in multiple occasions. I’ve worked with C. on multiple engagements and would gladly work with him again. He is perceptive, emphatic and committed to every task he takes on. I recommend him highly for any task that you may have.

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