D. Y.

iOS, Android, and Web Service Developer

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Available for projects up to 15 hour per week.
Experience: 25 Years
Location: Washington, DC


D. has a strong track record of delivering projects on time and under budget. His interpersonal skills allow for easy interaction with customers and end-users, and his high-energy temperament and entrepreneurial orientation allow him to independently complete projects on schedule.

Specialties include: iOS and Android app development, HTML 5 app development, web service development with Ruby and Java, iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy applications,
news and media applications


Built the official indoor navigation app (iOS and Android) for the 2015 Consumer Electronics ShowBuilt the Washington Post mobile web app at [you must be logged in to see this link]Lead developer for the open source Android Beacon LibraryBuilt a beacon-enabled Android app to time Formula One racers in Milan

Education / Qualifications

B.S. Computer Engineering


Android App DevelopmentHTML5
iOS DevelopmentRuby on Rails
iWatch Development


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