H. E.

Designer & Art Director

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I'm always happy to discuss projects and meet new clients.
Experience: 9 Years
Location: Vancouver, BC


H. E. is a graphic designer/art director and illustrator with 9 years experience in the design industry. 

H. is a multi-faceted creative who brings a strong aesthetic and conceptual thinking to creative problem solving. Her creative work spans various media to include print design, environmental and retail design, web design, TV commercials, theatre ads, online video and radio ads.

Her work has been recognized by industry awards and publications such as Applied Arts Magazine, How Magazine, the Lotus awards, Neenha Paper awards, and the Canadian Shopping Centre Marketing Awards. 
With a belief that idea driven design done beautifully can go a long way towards a clients success, H. is constantly striving to do great design and to better the businesses of her clients.

She is also really nice.


H. E. Creative Co - Freelance

Chief Bike Rider - Forward Cycling Goods

Senior Digital Art Director - Karo Group

Designer - St Bernadine Mission communications

Designer - Jocelyn Fortier Creative

Agencies I've Worked For

Karo Group
St Bernadine Mission Communications
Jocelyn Fortier Creative

Education / Qualifications

BFA Visual Arts - University of British ColumbiaDesign essentials - Emily Carr/BCIT


2D DesignArt DirectionBrand Consulting
IllustrationPackaging DesignPrint design
Social Media MarketingWeb Design


Neenha Paper Gold Award – Best StationeryLotus Awards Merit – Best StationeryCanadian Shopping Centre Marketing Awards – Best Digital MediaApplied Arts Awards – Best Digital SingleMondial de la Bière – Beer PackagingCommunication Arts Typography Award – PackagingRebrand Awards – DistinctionUnisource Canada Design Awards – Best Brand Identity


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M. F.

Digital Project Manager, UX Architect and Functional Analyst

Nov 8th 2015
I've worked with H. both in a digital agency setting and on freelance projects. She is awesome to work with. Nice attention to detail and really great with general design, illustrations, responsive web design and e-commerce.

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