N. F.

Graphic Designer & Illuatrator

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Experience: 5 Years
Location: Edmonton, AB


I am a freelance graphic designer & illustrator located just outside of Edmonton.

I have done work for Sysco Edmonton customers throughout Alberta, parts of British Columbia, and the Yukon designing logos, menus (breakfast, kids, lunch, dinner and take out), ads and promo material for businesses in the food industry (restaurants, hotels, camps, etc.).

I enjoy illustration work as well and have challenged my talents participating in Inktober, check out my website to see what i have created!


Menu Design & Marketing PackagesLogo Design & Branding, Corporate IDBusiness Cards & BrochuresIllustration

Agencies I've Worked For

Inspiring Designs
Sysco Foods Edmonton
Backstreet Communications (intern)

Education / Qualifications

Design Studies, Illustration Major - Diploma Obtained, Grant MacEwan University Design Foundations - Certificate Obtained, Grant MacEwan UniversityAsia Pacific Management - Diploma Obtained, Grant MacEwan University


Adobe AcrobatAdobe Creative SuiteAdobe IllustratorAdobe InDesignAdobe PhotoshopAdvertisingAlbum Cover DesignApple iMovieApple iWorkArt DirectionBanner Ad DesignBlog WritingBook Cover DesignBrand ConsultingBrand ManagementCartooningCharacter DesignComic ArtFacebook Marketing
Flyer DesignGraphic designIllustrationImage EditingInformation designLogo DesignMagazine LayoutMarketing strategyMenu DesignMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft PowerPointMicrosoft WordPackaging DesignPhoto EditingPhotograph Color CorrectionPhotographyPhoto ManipulationPoster DesignPrint design
Print Layout DesignSketchSocial Media MarketingT-Shirt DesignTumblrTwitter MarketingTypographyWatercolor PaintingWordPressYouTube MarketingDesign StrategyBook DesignPage LayoutSignage DesignApp DesignAdobe MuseConceptingIdeation


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