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Contract Marketing/Advertising/PR Creative Consultant

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Contact me for more information about my current availability. Yeah, just try calling, emailing or texting, because I'm as reachable as the switchboard operators at "Psychics 'R Us."
Experience: 15 Years
Location: Los Angeles, CA


As a career product of the Hollywood studio and network system -- initially an "ink-stained" media trade/business journalist and more recently a media marketing/advertising/PR professional -- unlocking my "right-brain creative lobe" either as a Copywriter, Public Relations Consultant, Digital Content Strategist is what really "energizes" me to serve Clients from all industries and sectors of business and nonprofit organizations.

Above all else, I love to think of myself as a "passionate creative" and a "facilitator" (pretty much inspired and driven by "The I Love L.A. Spirit" of iconic figures like Magic Johnson, Ariana Huffington, Randy Newman and Ron Howard!). I really do thrive on confronting the challenges of being handed a bunch of "abstract" facts and loose ends (such as product attributes/benefits, identifying marketplace challenges/competition and consumer needs/desires, etc.) from the Client to begin crafting a "broad brand messaging campaign" and a solid, long-term strategic plan delivering the conceptualization/copywriting of creative messaging and design collateral to "activate" consumers!

A big part of what I offer to Clients is "foundational knowledge" -- a deeply ingrained work ethic and mandate to conduct "creative brainstorming" (with the client, too, of course!). For me, it results from offering up my considerable "New Media" and "Traditional Media" backgrounds to ensure Clients' messaging campaign garner the most eyeballs for the lowest, most efficient media placement costs (well, you know, it's about things like achieving targeted KPIs such as "unique visitors" and "total page views" compared to "adults 18-49 demo ratings," "affordable CPM rates" and "total viewers" in the media game!).

Given that varied and broad perspective on media, I really look forward to working with Clients on developing "creative brand messaging" and "corporate ID imaging" campaigns which can attract the most eyeballs through a mix of efficient, integrated strategic media placement in meeting a Client's goals and objectives. Although there is the ever-mounting, industry-wide concern about about growing "message clutter" in both wireless and wired media, I'm constantly striving towards bridging what is the Client's most basic desires and crafting a "shared vision" of where we see the "creative" seriously driving "key performance indicators and metrics" to fully realize a level of consumer/end-user engagement and, in my cases, activating "buying decisions" for the product or service line.

It's also the same sort of mindset and strategic planning that my contract firm, Biz FX Media, puts into our public relations/corporate communications, marketing and journalism services. For further particulars on what offer in digital and creative content services, please click on the accompanying Biz FX Media portfolio hyperlink to visit our company website (BizFXMedia.[you must be logged in to see this link]). May all of our your communications campaigns prove be fruitful and rewarding -- cheers! :-D

Education / Qualifications

Murray State University - Major: Journalism/Communications - Minor: Advertising/MarketingLouisville Ahrens Vocational High School - Major: Graphic Arts & PhotographyLouisville Central High School - General StudiesChamberlin Real Estate School, Campbell, CA (market focus: Southern California region)
Statutory Course Completion (2015): Real Estate Principles (Approval No. 1362-92);
Practice (1459-94); and Legal Aspects/Contract Law of Real Estate (1325-92)
Licensed: California Real Estate Sales Agent (pending state license exam appointment)
Arizona School of Real Estate & Business School, Gilbert, AZ (Phoenix metropolitan region)
Licensed: Arizona Real Estate Sales Agent, 10/2008 (not renewed and active)
“WordPress – Blogging for the Web” certification (12/2015-present), from ALISON (course # 263-2932213)


Adobe Creative SuiteAdobe IllustratorAdobe InDesignAdobe Premiere ProBlog CommentingBlog WritingDirect marketingFacebook APIFinal Cut Pro
Final DraftMicrosoft FrontPageGoogle AdSenseGoogle AnalyticsHootSuiteJournalism WritingmailchimpMarketing strategyMicrosoft Excel
Microsoft OneNoteMicrosoft PowerPointMicrosoft ProjectMicrosoft PublisherMicrosoft WordParallels Virtual DesktopPSD to MailChimpWeb Design


Honors & Awards:
The William H. Donaldson Award, presented by Mediaweek, Adweek & Billboard Publications Inc., for 1996 National Association of Television Programming Executives (NATPE) pre- to post-convention special sections coverage.


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