B. L.

Technology Consultant

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I am currently seeking work as a contractor or consultant. My terms are flexible, so we can arrange something that is comparable to full-time employment.
Experience: 8 Years
Location: Washington, DC


I am an innovator who has a passion for empowering others to achieve their goals. I specialize in automation engineering and system architecture, but honestly I just enjoy doing whatever it takes to help projects succeed. Whether you need a system architect, a QA engineer, or a technical project manager, I’m happy to help!

## What am I Looking For? ##

I am excited to work with any team that is passionate about what they do. I want to work with people who continually strive to improve their skills, their work, and their world.

Currently, I am seeking opportunities as a contractor or consultant. This provides the greatest degree of flexibility in terms of working arrangements, and thus allows us to maximize the value that I can deliver to your organization. If desired, we can negotiate terms that are comparable to full-time employment.

## My Recent Projects ##

Professionally speaking, many of my recent projects have revolved around large-scale automation and integration. I have architected distributed systems that address a number of challenges, including: data acquisition, data transformation, build automation, UI automation, and static analysis.

As a hobby, I enjoy writing reusable libraries for a wide range of technologies. These libraries cover a very wide range of libraries, platforms, and purposes. Some recent examples include:

* An amqplib plugin for Mongoose
* "bundle exec" for Node.js
* Simplified Radio Button Groups for React
* UI Scrapers for Pinterest and [you must be logged in to see this link]
* Mods for the game "Don't Starve Together"
* A middleware framework for Ruby. (As in: core Ruby. It does not need to be used in a Web Server context)


Jibe Inc.

I served as the lead engineer for Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integrations. Basically, I designed distributed systems that allowed Jibe to get data in and out of legacy ATSs (most of which did not expose any APIs).
Cigital Inc.

I worked with Cigital while they were in the early stages of launching a product division. I started as the QA lead, transitioned to become a software engineer, and finally became the product lead for one of their products. During this time, I designed automation infrastructure around various static analysis tools. This infrastructure allowed enterprise organizations to streamline various portions of their security practices.
Federal Communications Commission

I served as the QA Automation Lead. Initially, this involved the installation, deployment, and administration of QTP and Quality Center. Once these items were completed, I trained the QA staff on how to effectively integrate these tools into their QA workflows. I also designed a layer on top of QTP that allowed for meta-programming and OOP. (This effectively rendered QTP's object repositories obsolete)

Agencies I've Worked For

Jibe Inc.Cigital Inc.
Federal Communications CommissionTransportation Security Administration
United States Air ForceFINRA

Education / Qualifications

B.S. in Mathematics from Case Western Reserve University


AMQPArchitectureAtlassian ConfluenceAtlassian JIRACC#C++Continuous IntegrationCore JavaDistributed computingDjangoHP QuickTest ProfessionalHP Quality CenterJavaScript
JenkinsJUnitLuaMicrosoft SilverlightMongoDBMySQLNode.jsOpenVPNPostgreSQLProject managementPythonRedisRedmineREST
RSpecRubyRuby on RailsScalaSeleniumSelenium WebDriverSinatra FrameworkTest AutomationTracWeb scrapingAngularJSExpressJSReact JS


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Gulnara Mirzakarimova

Software Engineer

Jul 24th 2015
There are very few people in this world who are extremely smart, know how to teach and emjoy doing it. B. is one of those few. I learned a lot from B. when we used to work together at Jibe. Most of the developers at Jibe would come to B. for advise, because he almost always had an answer and if he didn't he would find it. He would be a tremendous asset to any company and I am grateful I got a chance to work with him.

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