J. C.

Interactive Art Director, Web Designer & Developer

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Experience: 16 Years
Location: Washington, DC


I am a versatile and reliable UX/UI web designer and developer with over 16 years of professional experience.

My expertise covers a wide range of software and media production tools and techniques. I specialize in web design and responsive web and email development as well as WordPress development. I have worked national and local campaigns for clients including National Geographic, Sea Shepherd USA, Capital Caring, Children’s Defense Fund, ACLU, Equal Justice Works and many more.


Freelance Designer/DeveloperSenior Designer/Web Developer @ PS DigitalDesigner/Developer @ The Heritage FoundationInteractive Art Director @ OmniStudio

Education / Qualifications

West Virginia University / Bachelor of Fine Arts


Adobe Creative SuiteCRMCSS3HTML5jQuery
PHPSitecoreTypographyUser interface designWebsite Development
WordPressWeb DevelopmentWeb Designemail production/design/developmentResponsive Web Design
UI/UX Design

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