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Content & digital strategist

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Experience: 16 Years
Location: Washington, DC


In today’s world, if you aren’t digitally connected, you might as well not exist. But are all your pieces coherent? Does your Twitter feed send the same message as your home page as your mobile app as your CEO’s presentation as your magazine? If not, you’re missing some great opportunities to connect with the people you are trying to reach.

Content strategy helps you figure out which pieces of the customer experience you have and what you’re missing - then puts them all together. Having a content roadmap will get you on your way to being competitive in today’s digital world.

Digital strategy is your approach to leveraging online and electronic tools to achieve your business goals. It is a framework that sets out policies and standards that allow you to be flexible and ready for whatever is next on the technology horizon.

Let’s talk about where you are and what you need to get started. Begin anywhere, end up with what works for you.


Director of Web Strategy & Operations
American Society of Civil Engineers

Lead in-house user experience and web development practice area within ASCE. Enhanced web content strategically by working across all divisions. Established strategic approach to digital products and content.
Content & Usability Director
Balance Interactive

Built content practice area from ground up, driving the company’s growth and reputation. Collaborated across practice areas to create processes to promote optimal user experience. Ensured successful projects by defining goals and measures based on business objectives.

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Worked with non-profits, non-governmental organizations, and companies to define requirements and improve their websites through web-friendly content and usable information architecture.

Web Content Consultant

Sample clients: World Bank Commodity Risk Management Group (CRMG), National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO)
Web Editor
Association of the U.S. Army

Managed strategy, content, architecture, development, and maintenance for data-driven association website.
Communications Director
Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate

Responsible for all administrative, financial, and communications functions. Contributed to member services development and recruitment efforts.

Agencies I've Worked For

Balance Interactive

Education / Qualifications

MA, International Affairs
The George Washington University
BA, Political Science
Northern Michigan University


Web Content Management
Digital Strategy
User Experience Consulting
Content Strategy


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