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Designer/Illustrator, Thunder Bay & Toronto

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I am available currently for most any design/art works and it likely depends on the job, so I more likely free to focus on per job. I sell my prior artwork/design and art to clients worldwide also.
With certain big commissions travelled to the client, be it individual or a corporation. My artwork is versatile, as in styles that suit the client. I have worked from on my own, to two prior ad agencies, and starting off as a television art director, where much graphic design was needed each day, as well as photography directing, guitar, as specializing in slide guitar for film and video bits or whole instrumentals of new compositions or versions of blues to jazz tunes. My illustration/painting/drawings started in traditional then on to computer technologies used. I am quite good at photo shop creative work in cartoon, photographic mixing with art to any illustration forms.
I have also taught graphic design as I have a degree in art and design, and have been an art and design educator for many education levels including University instructor in art and media.
Now I am not teaching, as I pursue work as this, travel, and I am also an author, as writing content to coming up with creative slogans has been part of many commission and agency work. You can find my list of many commissions in my bio on my art website.
Experience: 32 Years
Location: Toronto, ON


I have been a full time and freelance designer, for 32 years, now in freelance mode. I have taught art, design, media to art history, for University to a high school instructor.

I have worked in most all mediums in traditional arts from drawing to digital art, starting off in my career as an illustrator. I have been into watercolor painting and many printmaking methods, creating limited edition works I had many commissions to create art for special events, occasions, for organizations, fundraising to corporate commissions in the varied areas. I have and still travel a lot.

I designed custom limited edition print serigraphs to laser prints for such as the Canada Summer Games, World Jr. Hockey Association, International Baseball Championships, World Nordic Games, Barcelona Olympics, to entertainment and environmental organizations, as commissioned to create limited ed.prints; commemorate Dr Jane Goodall's 30 yr study animals in the wild. She co-signed each.
I have a degree in Art, Art History and Education. Now, I continue authoring a 2nd book, while I design.
I have created designs for all types of promotional materials, to logos and other corporate identity art. Photography has been a good part of many of my artworks and designs, very often a means to an end.


V. P. Art - limited edition prints
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List of Many Commissions:
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Agencies I've Worked For

Eclipse 3 Designs, Winnipeg, Manitoiba
Thunder Bay Television and Radio

Education / Qualifications

Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, CAN.,
Bachelor of Education
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, CAN.
H.B.F.A. Art and Art History degrees
Guidance Counsellor Qualified,
Lakehead University, Thunder Bay,ON
Ontario College of Art and Design,
Toronto, ON


Adobe InDesignAdobe PhotoshopAlbum Cover DesignBook Cover DesignBrochure Design
Fashion designGraphic designIllustrationIndustrial designLandscape design
Logo DesignPoster DesignWatercolor PaintingBook Design


City of Thunder Bay Culture and Heritage Award
for Visual Arts 2007
Best Painting - Thunder Bay Art Gallery,
Regional Juried Exhibition, Thunder Bay, CAN.
2nd place Photography Award
Thunder Bay Juried Photography Exhibition
Nominated for Canada Billboard Design
'Tease Campaign' Award -Vancouver,CAN.


Primary: Designers / Creatives Secondary: Sound / Music

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