E. H.

Graphic Designer

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E. is currently running her goat dairy in Fairfield, Virginia full time as well as freelancing part time. Please contact her for more information about her current availability.
Experience: 5 Years
Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. E. H. was born and raised in Fairfield, Va; Rockbridge County. Although it took some time, her devotion to education in graphic design was completed December 2014. Her passions include holistic health care, sustainable farming and family life. Both her design business and micro dairy have flourished with her knowledge of identity, social media, marketing and advertising. Mrs. H. hopes to help entrepeuners and beginning farmers as well as growing businesses in her area. She has worked with clients in Utah and North Carolina via telecommunication with ease.


Graphic Designer at high end marketing business.Freelance Graphic Designer from home with a 3 year old.Telecommuting Graphic Designer with out of state clients.Small business take over challenge accepted and completed in astonishing time.

Agencies I've Worked For

Mariner Media

Education / Qualifications

Bachelors Degree in Graphic DesignAdobe ExpertMicrosoft Office ExpertPC and Mac userHootSuite userSocial Media Trendsetter


Adobe IllustratorAdobe InDesign
Adobe PhotoshopMicrosoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPointMicrosoft Word
Adobe Muse


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Patty Williams

Rockbridge Regional Tourism, Director of Marketing

Aug 11th 2015
Rockbridge Regional Tourism has secured freelance design services from E. H. for brochure and logo creation. With limited assets, input and direction, E. designed an engaging brochure for a small transportation museum. Emily's designs are creative and follow sound design principals, she works very quickly and is responsive to client requests, she is proficient with Adobe Creative Suite applications and preparing files for production -- all at a fair and competitive rate. We have been happy with Emily's work and intend to utilize her skills for future projects.

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