I. G.

Product Designer | Concept Artist | Illustrator

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Experience: 7 Years
Location: Chicago, IL


A passionate designer with a diverse skill set and a comprehensive process with a demonstrated success in the design industry. Expertise in visualizing abstract concepts, identifying an emotional hook, highlighting functionality, and problem solving feasibility issues. Strengths include 2D visualization, verbal presentations, creative CAD solutions, and visual story telling.

Clients include: Samsung Design America, MNML, EcoTorque Games, Grace E-Bikes, Dwell, Esquire, Cycle World, Team Detroit, Fahenheit 212, Untitled Motorcycles


Agencies I've Worked For

Samsung Design AmericaMNMLDwell Magazine
Ecotorque GamesTeam DetroitFahrenheit 212
Untitled MotorcyclesGrace E-BikesEsquire Magazine


2D Design3D Design
3D ModelingAdobe Photoshop
Character DesignGame Design
Industrial design


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Kalle Nicolai

CTO bei Hecken Nicolai and friends GMBH ;

Mar 4th 2015
I. G. has big skills in creating designs according to the needed demands and parameters of the specific project. This is much more compared to a typical artist. He has the ability to create concept designs with the right character. Very often he was able to improve my own designs with the "missing 5%" to be 100% right.
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Steve Brouwer

Director, Art Buying at TeamDetroit

Mar 4th 2015
I more than recommend I. G.. I insist you use him. His talent is self-evident. You don't need me to tell you that if you're already looking at his work. But I can tell you that the hardest part of dealing with artists is the artist him/herself. Egos. attitudes. Chemical imbalance. I. has none of these issues. Prompt, professional, and way too affordable. Stop reading this and hire the man. NOW.
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Adam Kay

Co-owner of untitled motorcycles

Mar 4th 2015
I. has been really helpful for our business. He has created amazing illustrations that show our customers what we can do for them.
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Chris Watson

Lead Program Strategist - MINIMAL

Mar 4th 2015
I have worked with I. on a number of projects and have been impressed with his ability to quickly visualize solutions and communicate his thoughts in a very straightforward manner. I. is a talented designer, and I hope we continue to have the opportunity to work together. I recommend him enthusiastically and without reservation.
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Robert Springer

Creative Director Industrial Design

Mar 4th 2015
I worked with I. directing a project at Samsung. I. has a great personality and is easy to work with. His knowledge of the tools used as a designer are complementary to his aptitude as a designer. He has a keen sense for form development that will be an asset to any project. I was impressed with Ian's ability to get in and understand the problems the project presented and work through each of these to ultimately turn out some great design work. I would have confidence in I. on any project and would hire him in a heartbeat.

Auday Hussein

Mesopotamia Softwae

Mar 6th 2015
We worked with I. G. on our Futuristic Bike Racing Game Impulse GP. I. is extremely creative and artistic with his designs. He is also very professional and experienced in understanding what the scope of the work is and what we needed for the game. He always delivered creative work that surpassed our expectations yet still within our vision for the game art style.
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Joseph Won Seok Choi

Director of Design at Survios

Mar 10th 2015
I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for I. G. who has worked as an industrial designer under my supervision for his first three years in Samsung Mobile. It takes a unique person to excel at a full time job at Samsung with 30 other highly talented designers. He stuck with us through massive growths in sales and was a part of Samsung becoming a top selling mobile company in the world. Most impressive to me has been Ian’s ability to eventually lead a project from start to finish. No one asked I. to volunteer or assume leadership roles with our production projects as well as taking a lead in concept creation. I. initiated all of this on his own from bringing a design concept to 3D model, 3D model to a production model, talk to vendors, prepare presentations for executives, and followed up to oversee the design of the product until the end of the manufacturing deadline. Most importantly, I highly value his ability to solve problems from ground zero, his attention to details, fabulous sketching skills both pen and digital, and 3D modeling and rendering execution. With his relentless motivation and knowledge of design, I. would bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to any small or large corporation.
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