M. S.

Graphic Designer

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I am available in the last two weeks of each month, so any projects will need to have a flexible deadline. If there is a project you want to be completed, please notify me a month ahead so I will prepare.
Experience: 4 Years
Location: Worldwide


I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I can do remote as well.

I do great with branding/identity design, package design, environmental design, icon design, and image adjustments. I also know some UI/UX design and motion graphics.

I currently work part-time at an agency in the advertising department.

I take digital photography as my hobby. Sometimes I go out to take beautiful shots.


Mozzeria – Freelance Graphic Designer (June 2014 - present)

I continue to help create flyers, coupons, fix their menus, and much more.
Mozzeria – Graphic Design Intern (June 2013 - Aug 2013)

I have done advertising, recreating menus, assisting in website design, took photography, and creating posters.

Education / Qualifications

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) | 2010 – 2015

Bachelor of Fine Arts
3.8/4.0 GPA


Adobe Creative SuiteAdvertisingGraphic design
IllustrationLogo DesignMotion graphics
PhotographyTypographyWeb design

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Melody Stein

Owner at Mozzeria

Sep 12th 2015
M. S. started out as an intern at Mozzeria a few years ago and after she concluded her internship, I was impressed with her talent. I asked her if I could hire her to do our projects while she continued her education at R.I.T. She has done many projects for us and she handles multitasking well.

M. worked well with me and she offers her ideas if I run into some challenges. She always gets the projects completed on time. She would be an asset to any employer.

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