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Brand Identity Designer

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Experience: 19 Years
Location: London, UK


I excel at working on projects that require a deep understanding of the relationship between business strategy and brand strategy, and of how brand identity is determined by the experience people have of brands. I take a holistic view of brands and assert the importance of laying the foundations of brand identity in organising principles that transform organisations from the inside out.


I’ve worked across a broad range of industries, including financial services, breakthrough science and technology products, property, telecommunications, web-development, digital content marketing, postal services, healthcare, information technology, foodservice, human resources; petrochemical and automotive industries

Agencies I've Worked For

InterbrandSiegel+GaleSCG London
Allen InternationalDragon Rouge

Education / Qualifications

N.Dip Graphic Design, Technikon Witwatersrand (now University of Johannesburg)


Brand ConsultingCopywriting
Graphic designLogo Design


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