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Software Product Developer

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Experience: 10 Years
Location: Washington, DC


An avid developer, designer and product professional with over 10 years of product building experience; mostly interested in doing great work and building lasting products.


Software Product Developer, Velaru

Rails Architect for new sba.gov certification application:

- Selected technology and lead rails application architecture
- Helped design and build cloud architecture
- Lead code reviews and sprint planning

Full Stack Senior Software Engineer for Call Tracking Metrics:
- Designed and implemented Front End single page architecture for Call Tracking Metrics.
- Steered technology and drove the redesign of current marketing website.
- Implemented features across all layers of the development stack

Redesign of current USA Today website.
- Wrapped service calls using table-less models in django.
- Architected and developed large quantities of USA Today sports using Backbone.js and Django.
- Mentored Jr Developers, led code reviews, steered middleware architecture for USA Today Sports.
- Strong emphasis on Test Driven Development, unit testing JavaScript and Python code.

Architected and developed photo search application for Air Forces Open Source Center.
- Features include full text search using Elastic Search Engine, user based roles and CMS capabilities. Wrote test using Rspec and test driven development practices.
- Administered multistage linux environments and deployments using Capistrano.
Architected the JavaScript redesign for DC Public Schools, School Performance Data Dashboard.
- Software design patterns included MVC and Strategy patterns.
Built Front End metric performance dashboard for CIGNA.
- Designed and organized code using a mediator pattern to marshal requests between modules.
Built HTML5 iPad Life Insurance calculator for John Hancock using CSS3, JQuery and Sinatra.
Developed Visa Processing Application to book and process visa into the United States using Ruby on Rails.

Software Developer, [you must be logged in to see this link]

- Lead redesign and development of Amazon’s facility monitoring application[ Patent Pending].
- Architected, designed and implemented REST services using Ruby on Rails.
- Architected, designed and developed web mobile frontend using Backbone.js. Frontend deploys as an iOS application through webview allowing for native device connectivity and api usage.
- Led the implementation of agile development processes within Amazon’s Data Center Tech Ops team.
- Mentored Developers and systems engineers in latest development best practices and agile team development.
- Prudently improved code base through frequent code refactoring and performance testing.

Creative Lead / Senior Front End Developer, Grab Networks

- Led creative and front end implementation of GrabMediaOS UI
- Developed numerous jQuery plugins to support OVP platform and corporate site
- Crafted design standards and in-house style guide for GrabMediaOS application
- Promoted within 5 months to Creative Lead
- Support numerous REST service applications built using Ruby on Rails
- Exceeded in hitting agile target dates and deadlines

Front End Developer, VisualCV
- Specialized in front end web development utilizing Ruby on Rails, XHTML/CSS, Ajax & Prototype Library
- Designed workflow, wireframe and high fidelity layouts for Visual CV application
- Designed application style guide and incorporate CSS framework
- Optimized page load time by eliminating excessive markup nesting and compiling all JS files into a single file

Web Media Developer, Investor Place Media, LLC

- Designed & developed web based video players utilizing flash based server technologies and Brightcove API
- Developed numerous UI widgets, photo galleries and rich content delivery methods utilizing jQuery. Researched and designed rich media ad delivery methods using DART Motif
- Coordinated online marketing efforts with executive level administration and celebrity investment advisers
- Built numerous websites utilizing standards based design practices and PHP
- Formalized off-site video process for key advisers, including Ken and Darla Dolan, and John Lansing (of [you must be logged in to see this link])
- Boosted RSS/MRSS & Podcast subscribers by 70%

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Amazon Web ServicesBackbone.jsNode.js
RESTRuby on RailsAngularJS
React JSEmber JS


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