A. L.

Senior UX Designer, UI Prototyper, and Digital Strategist

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Available remotely 20 hours per week
Experience: 20 Years
Location: Worldwide


Remote-only UX consultant, UI designer, and interactive prototyper (HTML/CSS/JS) with experience leading design teams and client relationships at a global marketing agency. Expertise covers the complete design spectrum from requirements gathering and strategic consulting to concepting, flows, interaction design, and visual design.


20 years designing for the web18 years developing web applications and rapidly prototyping UI designs in code15 years integrating UX/Design practices into Agile and Lean processes10 years leading UX and creative projects and client engagements at digital agencies9 years strategizing, creating, and presenting pitches to clients and investors7 years managing, mentoring, and resourcing direct reports, interns, and contractors6 years designing, running, and analyzing A/B tests3 years working remotely on a wide variety of design, development, and consulting engagements

Agencies I've Worked For

POSSIBLEZAAZTwin Technologies
+CitizenCREOFell Swoop

Education / Qualifications

MLIS, University of WashingtonBS, Biology & Psychology, University of Oregon


A/B TestingCSSHTMLJavaScript
jQueryMeteorUser interface designUsability testing
Web designDigital StrategyInteractive PrototypingUser Experience Consulting
Content Strategy


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Cheryl Isen

CMO to go

Jan 9th 2015
A. is a brilliant web guru. He provided insight and support for one of my client's who needed guidance in designing an RFP to build out their digital community. He was thoughtful, responsive and strategic.

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