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Hey there, contact me for more information about my current availability.
Experience: 4 Years
Location: Berlin, DE


I am working on projects in the corporate design, web and packaging area from my studio in Berlin Schöneberg. My clients vary from international companies to small businesses, which I equally like to work with. Providing creative solutions for digital as well as analogue design issues is what my daily business.
For an overview of my current references feel free to take a peak at my portfolio website.


Freelance Graphic Designer for KPM (Royal Porcelain Manufactory Berlin)
I worked on various projects:
- Packaging for coffee housebrand and filterpaper accompanying a porcelain coffee handfilter.
- Brochure layout for event spaces inside the Manufactoy
- Invitations for Pressday
- Book layout
- Illustrations
Freelance Graphic Designer for &REVENUE;
I worked on designing templates, newsletters and graphics for various clients of the company.
Freelance Graphic Designer for [you must be logged in to see this link]
I worked on the relaunch of the platform in 2016, on a conceptual base together with the UX team and contentwise for the onsite trading team (image reserch, preparation and editing in Typo3). Generally I worked for the teams onsite trading and marketing, creating visuals for the platform (hompage, landingpages, blog) as well as gdn ads and performance marketing banners.
Freelance Graphic Designer for Newsletter2go
I worked on designing newsletter templates and graphics for various clients of the company.
Freelance Graphic Designer
Studio S U B E R B O — Berlin, Germany
I worked on different projects, e.g. Traffic news to go layout (issues 33 - 36) and Vanrycke Spring/Summer catalogue and Lookbook 2014

Agencies I've Worked For

Kleinundpläcking Markenagentur

Education / Qualifications

State certified graphic designer (Lette-Verein Berlin)


Adobe IllustratorAdobe InDesignAdobe Photoshop
Graphic designMagazine LayoutPackaging Design
SketchTypographyWeb Design


Silver A’ Design Award in Website and Web Design
A' Design Award and Competition - for [you must be logged in to see this link]
Silver A’ Design Award in Graphics and Visual Communication Design
A' Design Award and Competition - for Alpha Container Pictures Corporate Design


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