J. J.

Visual Effects and Motions Graphics Artist

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Experience: 2 Years
Location: Orlando, FL


I have experiencing creating 3D animations, compositing, and video editing. I am always looking for new and exciting challenges to tackle. Whether creating new animations or compositing graphics together. I also have experience in website development and creating sites of varying styles. Whether a multi-page or single page site I can help create it for you.

Then with the skills to create logos and illustrations I can also create graphics for posters, websites, or for use in videos. With the understanding in the difference in video and print media and how that affects the process for creating the various graphics.


Freelance for Bully Dog Food Performance. I designed branding for the company's dog food labels and a magazine cover showcasing the company.

Education / Qualifications

Bachelor of Visual Effects and Motion Graphics
Art Institute of Tampa
Certification of Python for MayaCertification of FumeFX for Maya


2D Design3D AnimationAdobe After EffectsAdobe DreamweaverAdobe IllustratorAdobe PhotoshopAdobe Premiere ProAnimationAutodesk 3D Studio Max
Autodesk MayaCompositingCSSCSS3HTMLHTML5Logo DesignMotion graphicsNVIDIA Mental Ray
Photo EditingPhotograph Color CorrectionPhoto ManipulationPythonVideo editingVideo Post EditingVideo productionWeb Design


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