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DC and Baltimore area Portrait and Commercial Photographer

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My availability changes on a weekly basis. Please contact me for my current availability.
Experience: 15 Years
Location: Washington, DC


Currently a part-time freelance photographer, I have 15 years experience with photography and and photographic media ranging from 35mm, to medium and large format film and of course, digital. While I started out primarily as an event and music photographer, I now focus mainly on portraits (personal, editorial, and commercial) and commercial projects as well as various personal projects. I also typically retouch my own images, including portraits and composite work for projects requiring the compositing of multiple images.


Photographer for DCFD Hockey Tournament 2013-present.
(Sports) Responsible for action shots of the Annual DCFD Hockey Tournament.
Student and Staff pictures for MUSA Martial Arts in Cloverly, MD. (2015)
Used commercial lighting and retouching techniques to give the "student pictures" a magazine/advertising feel.
Student and Staff pictures for Children's Time Preschool (2013-2015)
Created uniquely expressive "school pictures" to this small co-operative preschool in Columbia, MD.


Adobe LightroomAdobe Photoshop
Photo EditingPhotograph Color Correction
PhotographyPhoto Manipulation


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