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Web and Graphic Professor

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Available immediately for freelance work in Graphics, Web Design, Web Programming and Adjunct/Part Time positions, at home/online positions.
Experience: 16 Years
Location: Los Angeles, CA


W. M.: Professor, Web Developer & Graphic Artist- engages projects with a sound blend of exquisite design approaches that accentuates his lifelong passion for the creative industry. W. seeks challenges and to help companies flourish. Adobe CC; HTML5/CSS3/JQUERY/PHP/SQL; SEO; Amazon & Ebay.

I am available for immediate positions in Graphic & Web Design; Web Programming; SEO; eCommerce stores, Online Instruction and more!

I have been developing websites for over 16 years! and I teach web design/web programming at Art Institute, DeVry, Platt College, University of LaVerne. I am extremely versatile in the creative industry and a specialist in both design and programming with a Fine Art background. I am a rarity in the field because I not only can perform amazingly well in both design and programming but I am an instructor that can offer guiding to clients and develop instructional materials to train your team.

Currently in the creative industry, I am a manager overseeing 5 creatives at Articouture, Inc. I am also the web developer & SEO specialist; and I operate the entire Amazon and eBay storefronts for the same job. I can get your products up and available to be purchased professionally!


About My Professions:
As a graphic & web developer, I work in the field alongside teaching at night which benefits companies I work for greatly because I am exposed to new technology, creative & instructional team-oriented environments. My passion in the creative arts is continuously growing and ever-evolving to the current trends in our industry. I take on a proactive approach and create new designs & technologies. I am ecstatic to help clients plan, approach and develop solutions which are cost effective and exceeds their project expectations.

As a university instructor I subscribe to constructivism and student-centered approaches which drive choice-driven, creative team oriented working environments. My students are enthusiastic with the simulations that I present in my classroom where they can engage in real-world experiences in developing websites and constructing digital art. I am often regarded as a 'new age' instructor because I believe in bringing in what is relevant and current in the industry into the classroom along with assessment materials which places students in situations where they need to work together to resolve creative problems.

My Rates:
Make me an offer. I am able to negotiate to make your project happen. Let's be creative and figure out a nice way for both of us. I am open to hearing your ideas and thoughts.

How I Work:
I work in both Los Angeles and Orange counties. I either tele-commute or commute to a client's location and can work on site or remotely.

Extremely quick. I have access to not only my pool of skill sets- but I also have access to a knowledge bank from the University and my students! Together we can develop a robust game plan- cost-effective solution to meet your needs!


Articouture, Inc.—City of Industry, CA March 2015 - Present

Supervised four co-workers on their day-to-day tasks and promoted effective leadership.

Developed two Wordpress websites and social media plateforms (facebook, twitter, instagram).

Created tec-packs/design mockups of fashionable bras, jeans and jackets using Illustrator CC.

Uploaded products to sell on Amazon & EBay and managed online promotions.
Tracked project completness using project management application: [you must be logged in to see this link]

Art Institute— Santa Ana, CA 2011-Present
DeVry University— Pomona (LA Metro Branch), CA 2010-Present
WaterWallBiz—Westminster, CA Nov 2014 - Feb 2015

Managed two sites simultaneously by setting up url, web space and trained team.
Constructed the Front-End and Back-End of two sites by using HTML5/CSS3/PHP/SQL.
Nov 2014 - Feb 2015
Moderated ecommerce transactions on a GoDaddy managed WordPress account.
Constructed database using appropriate database normalization rules.
Developed front-end and content by referring to mockups in PSD format and wireframming.
BlueMoonMarketingGroup—Corona, CA Jan 2014 - Jun 2014

Programmed & deployed websites in HTML5/CSS3 (Front End) & PHP/SQL (Backend).

Creating PURL websites (Personalized URL) to pre-populate landing pages for data collection.

Installed admin panels with CRUD interface and Google API graphs on websites.

Developed manuals in Adobe InDesign CC for PURL installations.

Designed mockups and original graphics in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator CC.

Education / Qualifications

Masters of Education with an Option in Educational Multimedia — June 2010
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA.
Bachelor of Arts Degree with an Option in Graphic Design — December 2002
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA.


Amazon Web ServicesCPanelCSS3DrupaleCommerce ConsultingGraphic designHTML5
InfographicsJavaScriptJoomlajQueryJQuery MobileMagentoMySQL
PHPPhpBBphpMyAdminSocial Media Marketingtwitter bootstrapWordPress

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