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Motion Graphic Designer

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Experience: 14 Years
Location: Washington, DC


I've been working for one of the biggest production companies in the country for the past seven years and am looking to expand my skills and client base through freelance work. I can design and animate given specific instructions or take a project with no clear direction and bring it to life. I have expert skills in the Adobe Suite and Cinema 4D.


Director of Motion Graphics - Studio Center
Effectively built the company motion graphics department which increased revenue by
producing content in house and drawing clients who required advanced motion graphic work.
Motion Graphic Designer - Christian Broadcasting Network
Produced news graphics for a national television show including over-the-shoulder, lower-third, full-screen, and segment-open graphics.

Agencies I've Worked For

Warehouse 21
Reality RX


2D Animation2D Design3D AnimationAdobe After Effects
Adobe IllustratorAdobe PhotoshopAnimationImage Editing
Maxon Cinema 4DMotion graphicsTypographyVFX Animation
Video editing


Barbasol – A Close Shave - Promotional/Branding Campaign - Silver Telly 2015Ryka Shoe Company - Comfort Support System - Promotional Infomercial - Silver Telly 2015 and Use of Graphics - Bronze Telly 2015WyoLotto - Cowboy Draw - Multi-Market Cable Campaign - Bronze Telly 2015Circle of Sisterhood - One World One Sisterhood - Non-Broadcast Production - Bronze Telly 2015A1 American - Local TV Commercial - Bronze Telly 2015


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