T. M.

Graphic Designer

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I am currently available for hire on a per-project basis and proud to offer my artistic services at competitive prices. Please contact me so we can discuss your design needs.
Experience: 14 Years
Location: Washington, DC


I’m a computer nerd, music aficionado, coffee addict, and artist all rolled into one package. I approach each design challenge with the goal of creating a product that is unique and engaging. Generic is not in my repertoire. I am committed to staying true to the client’s vision and project requirements. Please consider me next when you're in need of some extra design muscle.


T. M. Design, Freelance Graphic Designer
Designed and created a wide variety of digital and print projects including CD and record covers, websites, event posters, logos, and illustrations.
York Daily Record, Image Technician
Color corrected digital images and images scanned from 35mm negatives, 4×5 positives, color slides, and hardcopy prints for newspaper publication. Conceptualized and created photo illustrations utilizing an in-house photo studio, digital cameras, and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
Beard Publishing and Printing, Graphic Artist
Designed newsletters, direct mail pieces, logos, and business cards for national and regional companies. Provided technical support and maintained the art department’s Apple computer network.

Education / Qualifications

Marymount University
Graphic Design
Pennsylvania College Of Technology
Graphic Communication


Adobe IllustratorAdobe InDesignAdobe Photoshop
Album Cover DesignGraphic designIllustration
Logo DesignPoster DesignCustom Lettering


2014 Blueink Literary Magazine
Received Honorable Mention, Award for Best Artwork
2013, Marymount University
Dean's List with High Honors


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Steve Wilent

Editor, The Forestry Source at The Society of American Foresters

Oct 31st 2015
T. is a reliable freelancer who produces excellent work and responds quickly to design changes. He's never missed a deadline. I say this having worked with many freelancers over my more than 25 years in magazine, newspaper, and web publishing.

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