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[Motion + Print + Web] Designer

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Experience: 13 Years
Location: Washington, DC


Expertise in distilling information into succinct explainer videos and infographics.


Partner, Chief Creative Juicer - Paragon Design GroupMotion designer - The Big Picture with Kal Penn (National Geographic Channel)Art Director - MadGenius AdvertisingAdjunct Professor - VCU CommArtsMotion & Print designer - The Weather ChannelMC/Host - TEDxCreativeCoast

Agencies I've Worked For

Mad Genius Creative Fusion
SOJE/ Lonsdale Inc.

Education / Qualifications

MFA, Broadcast Design, S.C.A.D.BFA, Illustration, S.C.A.D.


Logo Design
Motion graphics
Print design


Webby Honoree (2013) HunterMaclean website
3 Silver Tellys (2012)Webby Honoree (2011) Night of the Living Trekkies Book Trailer
Gold Addy (District 7)
3 Silver Tellys (2011)Short animation "Anancy & Common Sense" accepted into the 3rd Annual Travelling Caribbean Film Festival
2 Animated shorts accepted into Animae Caribe 20102 Bronze + 3 Gold ADDYs (Savannah) 2010


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