J. L.


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Experience: 20 Years
Location: Helsinki, FI


Natural light studio in Helsinki. Portraits and food in personal style. Also 4 x 5 " film material. Magazines and commercial. Covers, record covers...you name it.

Short stories in video, gif, small world films and stills.

Shadows and light.

Kaapelitehdas / Cable Factory / Helsinki


Helsingin Sanomat, Kuukausiliite, series "Sielu ja ruumis" and "Perhesiteitä"Ilta-Sanomat, ruokala.net, foodUnilever, foodBerggren Oy Ab, peopleNordic Morning, peopleAschan, foodUTU, Citat, Reka Cables, Ondine etc.

Education / Qualifications

Lahti Institut of Design and Fine Arts, photographyWest Surrey College of Art and Design, Great Britain, photography


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere Pro
Final Cut Pro


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